Animation Ideas

After my visits to various museums and art gallery’s across the UK I have started to gather a few ideas for some animations that I might develop later on this year. For Example one of the idea I had, thanks to a few of the bombs displayed in the Imperial War Museum is a comedy involving a bomb been dropped on a important but made up location just for the animation.


This building gave me the idea for the type of location that could be used for the animation. Next the Bomb would crash through the roof and all the floors till it reaches the bottom floor and start to count down. This would then lead to all the people within the building to panic and run around like headless chicken and do silly or stupid stuff such as smashing random objects into other random objects. The way the people would interact with the environment would depend because each of the characters are different and in order for the animation to have a sense of uniqueness, so in order to do this i used what I saw in the way everyday people move and how this is unique.


This is an example of what the bomb would look like in the animation, after the people find out that this bomb is a dud they all release an anime style sigh of relief and they suddenly start to celebrate that the bomb is a dud. The image then starts to recede from the building then going to a black screen saying fin and then a boom is heard and the building reappears in pieces with loads of people coughing smoking. This ending helps increase the humor of the animation and also a moment of suspense due to the fact that the ending scene makes the audience think that they people are injured or hurt but then makes them laugh to see the state of all people inside the building makes them look ridiculous.

My other idea involves a robber, the police and a inflatable ring as a get away vehicle. I hope that this create a moment of comedy and shows how ridiculous every day events can become in the spur of the moment.

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