Narrative: Library Design Ideas

Here are the design ideas for the Library Narrative:

Library 1

The first image is library that is set in the near future were the recent reveal of Holographic Technology has happened and it is located within almost everything but the the use of old fashion books is still happening. I chose to base my Library around this narrative due to the fact that I fought I t would be interesting to see the affect of having traditional books mixing with futuristic technology and surprisingly it seemed to work quite well together and presents the purpose of the library perfectly.

Library 2

The next Image is looking further into a more futuristic setting and how that influences the library’s narrative. As you can see this library has no books instead the information is stored within the digital data that stored within the huge pillars that are within the sketch. This data can only be accessed via computers that are located around the various points across the library. This idea was one of the most liked so far by myself and various others due to the fact that it looked at a modern but also futuristic type of library that could store a lot more information then believable.

Library 4Th next image is that of a abandoned library that has been destroyed during an attack or from lack of care, this can be seen by the various damaged books and books cases as well as the broken staircase and upper floor. I chose this as my next design due to the fact that I it seemed like a interesting way to present a means of storing data, in a sense that it must have had some sort of important information stored there at some point and this is clear due to the point that most of the books are gone.

Library 5The next image is that again of the abandoned library but this time it not only books that are stored their but ancient tablets and scrolls. The Libraries narrative is supposed to give of a sense that it was raided for these various items that are stored within it and that is why the library is in the state that it is . I like this idea out of all my designs so far and it shows the most promise for the final design.

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