Narrative: Library Research and Inspirations

This next piece of research is for the Library Narrative.

Click Here to see the Variations of Library Designs:

I have also taken some pictures of libraries that I have access to.


This first image is from Beverley Public Library. I chose this library because it as a unique feel to it due to the fact it is a combination of both modern and classical library in design. I used this image because it gives a clear view of how the actual library is set up the other images are to do the same. The colour scheme in the image is colourful yet at the same time isn’t over powering and creates a welcoming feel.

Photo0035 The next image again is from same library but this time I am focusing on the book selves as you can see within this library their is a wide range of styles for them. Theses help draw the attention of the target audience due to their unique design while at the same time these unique shapes allow the storage of vast amounts of books.


This image is from Hull Colleges Library. I chose this library due to the fact that it is a very modern feel to it. The colours used within the library are warm and inviting as well as not been an eye shore due to the fact that they aren’t very colour full.


The book shelves themselves are very interesting because due to their size, they can carry vast amounts of books of all shapes and sizes. Even though the design of the bookshelves are basic they still fore fill their primary purpose and do offer some appease instead of eye sores. I might consider using this style of bookshelf for my Library Narrative.

Inspirational Artists:

Stephanie Dominguez: Stephaine Dominguez is a Digital Illustrator that occasionally works in Concept Art, she works with a large variation of different art styles.

Here is her only portfolio:

Here is some of her concept/illustration work that focuses on the Libraries, the reason why I chose this is that it focuses more on the library then anything else and the choices of design and colour help show this.

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