Narrative: Library Final Design

Here is the final design for the Library Narrative:

Library Final 2

The reason why I chose this idea to take to the final stage was because it was an interesting idea that numerous people liked and when I started to make the final version everything seemed to click together really well. The narrative for the story is that this library used to stored various amounts of information each self stored information that varied from ancient or mystic and because of this the library was raided and heavily damaged as well as almost all of the stored information within the library was stolen leaving the ancient ruins that can be seen today. I used Photoshop and Google Sketchup to create this image. I used Sketchup to create a majority of the 3D solid objects and then used Photoshop to add colour ans shading to the 3D objects within the image.

Compared to this concept art piece produced by Stephanie Dominguez, my own concept art piece on the Narrative Library has been some what successful due to the fact that the imagery does indicate very well what the story is within it’s self and you can tell just by looking at it. The image also gives that like Stephanie Dominguez concept piece that the location been seen is indeed a library and this is what I was aiming for. The only difference between my concept piece and that of Stephanie Dominguez is that mine has no characters in and there are a lot less books or items in it as well as a few damaged bookshelves but this is to do with the narrative that I have chosen for my final concept piece.

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