Narrative: Library Development Ideas

Here is Developed Idea’s for the Library Narrative:

Library 3

This image is a developed sketch of the Combination library that I did for my first library narrative design idea. The development that I have made for this animation is that of adding different shape book cases and made the holographic projector slightly bigger making ti easier to see the image that it is projecting and I also changed the image projected which is the Solar System. The reason why I mad those corrections is that I though that it might add variation and make it easier to understand what the holographic projector did as well as how it worked.

Library 7

The next image is that of again the previous one but more developed. This is more developed by the expanding the area surrounding the original image. The addition in this image is that there are more bookcases that have variations in design such as curved and cross ones. Another addition to this is that I have placed more holographic projectors around the library. The floors have also been adjusted to show where all the digital data is been stored for the holographic projectors. This was one of the favorite designs according to various people that I have shown.

Library 8This image is focusing more on the futuristic narrative that I created for one of the previous design. I have done this by including the Data pillars from one of my previous Designs and have added futuristic security doors to the book cases to make it seem like the books stored within the book cases are very important and that is why they have security locks on them because they are either the last of their kind or there is only one copy of of them.

Library 6

The final development idea this is again goes back to the concept of an abandoned library except this time the roster of what is kept here is slightly bigger now it contains Magical artifacts as well as books, ancient tablets and scrolls. This is also the reason for it’s raiding and I have tried to show this with the various broken book shelves and the damaged books and artifacts as well as the ones on the floor and the water spread out across it as well. I have also tried to give the library an ancient feel by making a majority of the items within the image old or at least the actual structure’s age.

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