Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak Close up 2

This next post is the corrected version of the Close up experiment for Squeak:

What this means is that I have found a way to make Squeak look more life like than the previous attempt. I have again included eye motions such as blinking and closing his eyes when he is thinking. This way done not only to lengthen this scene but to also add a bit more depth and character development to Squeak in the process, what I mean is that this single scene helps show that out of the pair Bubble and Squeak, Squeak is the thinker out of the two and is the ones that come up with the plans and ideas that the two often end up using. Another added to the features to help bring Squeaks to life is his whiskers, which while on most of my puppets of him do have them, they are made as part of the puppets and are not movable. Which is what helped make this puppet a lot more realistic than before due to the fact that the whiskers were made out of string and stuck to the head piece of Squeak allowing me to manipulate them and move them any way I desired. This not only allowed me to add more movement to my animation but it also allowed me to utilize the mouse videos I found earlier on in the academic year to make the movement of the whiskers more realistic.

This video was used to help me recreate the mouse movement and twitching of the nose of Squeak. I found it a great help and made it a lot easier for me to picture how a mouse interacts successfully with not only it’s environment but also how it acts in general. So all in all I admit that using this video as a inspiration and guide line helped me make this secondary close up experiment for Squeak a success.

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