Artist Research and Presentation

Here is the finished version of the Quentin Blake Comic.

Quentin Blake Comic 2

The drawing on the animation may not be the best but they get the point across of why I believe that Quentin Blake is a important and influencing artist and what events tat occurred in his life influenced this and why. The images also have speech bubbles next to them which helps identify what each symbol represent in the moment of Quentin Blake’s life. The reason why I chose to do a comic to represent the important moments of Quentin Blake’s life and why he is an important artist and inspiration is due to the fact that each panel represents a important part of Blake’s life and each of the images within theses panels are different from the other making each panel seem as important as each other. The colours used within the animation also help highlight the importance of each panel and the images within and this in turn also helps draw the attention easily to each panel. The font was chosen because it is easy to read and suits the comic book design perfectly.


Spelling and Grammar – A few words and sentences had to be corrected within the comic such as literature.

Positioning of Words within Speech Bubbles: The sentences that were placed within the Speech Bubbles needed to be shaped and have their sizes changed to fit into the Speech Bubbles.

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