TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver 3D Character Sheet

Here is 3D Character Sheet for Ploceidae The Weaver.

Scan 9

This 3D Character Sheet for Ploceidae is Designed to show Ploceidae of at three different angles as well as showing of several different facial expressions that he can perform with his face. There are several changes that have been made to him since the 2D Character sheet such as his beak covering the entire half of his face instead of just a small parts and that his beak and eyes stick out more on the sides making him look more 3D. There are several facial expression there for Ploceidae, Basic (His Design Face/Emotionless), Tired, Shocked, Sad, Goggles (The face that he uses when wearing his goggles), Happy and Angry. I am quite happy with this final design 3D Character Sheet because I believe that Ploceidae has come out quite well and shows all the characteristic of not only the Weaver Bird but also the personality I set him. He is also appealing to the eye and is certainly not of putting to the eye.

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