Summer Work 1

Here is some of the work that I have done over the summer holidays:

Random 3 Random 2

These are some of the more random pieces of works, where I drew random things that came into my head. As you can see at first it was more transport based, which I admit needs work most of the vehicles I draw do come out looking quite bulky and squarish but they have started to improve. I need to look at more vehicle variations, so in other words not just real life vehicles but also concept art from various franchises for inspiration. The next part on this random page is me working on my understanding of anatomy, as you can see I have tried to do so by doing various segments of the human body from arms to legs and heads to feet. My work on the feet is somewhat workable but still needs a little work, if anything I can get the angles of the feet correctly but the actual legs and toes I still have a little trouble with.

The hands I have drawn in theses work some what but the fingers need working on proportion whys because they are either too small or too large, so I need to work on that next time I draw hands. The face I have drawn has worked out quite well but next time I need to make the image more 3D because currently the image is only 2D.

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