Acting and Audience: Anatomy Work 3

These sketches are attempts at working on my Anatomy with the help of Manga style drawing:

These drawings where draw after I went through a human actions and anatomy guide from an anime app, the reason why I used the anime app is that Anime is one of the best means for human anatomy and humor making it perfect not only for my anatomy work allowing me to get better with my character design but also allowing me to gain a greater understanding of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context in human behavior and nature. As seen with these sketches for example all the drawings of the face and mouth so far all so different human emotions and actions that can influence the events of a story easily such as the cocky grin which can tell you a lot about a characters nature mainly that they look before they leap and are quite reckless. The next drawings are of the human body while all of them are female body, i drew this type of body style for a reason one been that I suck at drawing the female human body and two it displays how a female character might carry her self. I can say that these drawings do indeed show that to a certain degree I can draw human anatomy anime style quite well but it still needs some work.

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