Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man Final Version

Here is the corrected version of the Surprised Man with sound:

I have successfully altered that mistake by editing the sound effect track for the blinking now the blink is in time with the animation and works perfectly with the last scene of it and makes the comedy for this ending much more effective and funny to the target audience. The opening actions of the character and the item coupled with the sound effects now successfully show a strong sense of both Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context. For example the character watching the slow falling item in the desolate windy environment builds not only suspense but also tension for the character and the target audience. This is then broken in a sudden change with the character catching the item and the woah sound effect and collapse of the character, creates a moment of humour. Causing the target audience to burst out in laughter and also look at the character in concern, as well as wonder. The next scene keeps the story set in a constant form of humour and curiosity with the character examining the mystery object that the target audience can’t see and the sound effects add to this. The curiosity of the target audience is design to then be spiked by the sudden glow of the object and the lighting up of the target audience.

All in all this project has come out really well showing and effective use of Actions, Environment, Colour, Sound and Narrative to bring to life, one of my most humorous but also dramatic animations that draws in the target audience.

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