Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man V4

Here is the fourth Prototype of the Surprised Man:

As you can see this version of the Surprised Man animation is the finished version without sound. The Dramatic Impetus within this narrative is shown effectively with several actions the character does within this animation. Such as the character catching the mysterious item. I decided to break the convention with this, by making the item a lot heavier than it looks, the character acts surprised when he is thrown off by the sudden change of weight. Which has two effects on the target audience one been that they are shocked themselves by the sudden surprise and it also makes them laugh because of how the actions make the character look ridiculous with his actions in this moment of motion. The animation also displays an effective use of Emotive Context as well with the actual use of the character’s expression when he is examining the item that the audience cannot see. The expression the character uses to create the emotion, is to draw in the target audience with the curiosity and to also influence what the characters are actually feeling themselves. The unique combinations of both the animation style and colours within this animation help bring it to life and with the help of the action of the character helps finish this project of and also draws in my target audience effectively. I think that I managed to for fill my initial intention with this project and have displayed an effective use of both Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context, as well as the convention.

This clip below was one of the main inspirations for this animation:


This was produced by Onesai and the reason why it is one of my main inspirations for this project is that it utilizes a wide range of actions, sounds and colours within this animation. For example there is no music played throughout this animation due to the fact that the main focus is on the alarm and the noises that come out of the main characters mouth. This is done first to make the target audience feel the the same annoyance of the character while this story is happening. I will have to consider how powerful a single sound can be in a animation. This animation also helped me come with the idea of an explosion. His animation with the alarm been shot at the end it is unexpected and surprised and defies convention, which is what I needed something for this project.

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