Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Final Design

Here is the final design storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


As you can see I chose my third Design idea as the one I wanted to develop and maybe change for the final design. I chose this design for this process because I knew that the story it contained had potential to show a strong amount of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context within it’s self. This can be seen at the beginning of the animation with the character catching the falling object that we cannot identify at the time and then almost collapsing from the unexpected weight that the object actual posses. When I first thought about how I could clearly display dramatic impetus, I ran several different ideas through my head but the most of them unfortunately seemed to use standard conventions and I wanted to be unpredictable with this in my intentions so I couldn’t really use them. I will give some of the examples of a few of the ideas, I did originally consider such as having a man catch an egg and having something hatch from it most likely a chick or a dinosaur but I realized that this is quite predictable unfortunately.

I gained inspiration from this clip for Emotive Context with just how the Steven and Amethyst interact with each other in this scene and it gave me the idea of how the characters emotions would be on display to the target audience and how they will effect not only them but the story at the same time. For example, the look of amazement when the character opens up his hand to find out what he has caught consist of several emotions that are influenced by his own appearance, the environment and the sounds that might be used later on. The emotions that are displayed here are ones of excitement for what is about to be discovered by the character as well as been slightly anxious. This is used to also pass these same emotions on to the target audience.

This storyboard successfully for fills my intention for this project of a effective example of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context, not only for the curiosity of the character but also the explosion of the character later on.

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