Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Design Idea 2

Here is the second storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


This next storyboard was a little different from it’s predecessor in many ways. For example when I started off the story instead of having the characters walking through a barren wasteland, time I had him laying down on a chair relaxing for really no apparent reason but it helped show that the character had a laid back and relaxed nature. Which was perfect for the narrative of the story because it allowed me to show the surprise of the character when he sees the object approaching at a fast pace. The main dramatic impetus and emotive context is shown when the main character examines and activates the box. The facial expression is used for this when he examines the box, shows curiosity which helps draw in the audience because they themselves are curious what the character has caught. The triggering of the box is used to create a sense of humor within the narrative of the story by using the Dramatic Impetus with the characters facial expression, when the pie hits his face. The expression is one of surprise and shock and with the remaining bits of the pie falling of his face, can cause a reaction within the target audience to laugh. Again I managed to work my initial intent into this storyboard, I managed to display effective use of both Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context but I failed to fulfill the actual brief for the task set unfortunately with this storyboard because I failed to keep the gift hidden for a bit longer from the eyes of the audience.

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