Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Design Idea 3

Here is the third storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


As you can see this storyboard has successfully stuck to the given brief with the fact that the character keeps the item he catches from the sky hidden for a while, while also occasionally peeking at said item. So I am already implementing the Dramatic Impetus aspect of this animation project just by having the character constantly examine the item of interest with curiosity and this in turn triggers emotive context because the character then appears to have a focused and excited expression on his face when he looks at the item. While the animation is quite basic in a sense, the story is still given and there is a strong sense of symbolism within this animation as well because the explosion can represent two things one the characters actual end or what he actual has caught is something really exciting and the explosion represents the characters own excitement at what he has discovered. The shading on the final facial expression of the character also helps highlight something that the character will only see and not the target audience, which helps trigger excitement but also disappointment that they will never see what the actual item is …. or so they think. I have stuck to my original intent perfectly this time, there is effective dramatic impetus and emotive context as well as me sticking fully to brief so I am happy with this storyboard so I will take it up to the next level and develop it.


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