Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man V1

Here is the first prototype for the Surprised Man Animation:

This was more of a test to see if the animation worked correctly, mainly the movement of the character walking so far. As you can see the walking of the character was influenced with the help of the videos below:

With help of the people I recorded, I was able to analyse and understand the concept of Human movement and apply it to my own characters movement, as you can see above. This helps influence the Dramatic impetus of the story even if there isn’t much at the time for the story to be influenced by. The only down fall with this short animation test is that the arm movements of the animation are a bit rough and the hands don’t actual do much. So when I continue to work on the animation I will need to look more into the hand movement part. The only successful dramatic part of this animation was falling object but even then the actual dramatic impetus of this isn’t the best because the falling object doesn’t do much. But the characters actions enhance this scene with moving of his arms and eyes to keep an eye on the falling item.

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