Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Design Ideas 1

Here is the first storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


I have drawn this storyboard up, taking it to consideration the actual nature of this part of the course requires me to look at not only the actions of the characters but the colours, the environment, the sounds and the narrative of the story. The narrative of the story is fairy predictable even if it does have an effective influence in the Dramatic Impetus and the emotive context criteria. While the story does start off somewhat basic with the walking of the character, the rest of the animation does show a lot of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context especially with the character crying once he sees what the actual item is when he catches it. This peeks the target audiences attention due to the fact that they beginning to wonder why the main character is crying after he caught the item and if not why has the item he caught caused him to cry. I think I have captured this emotional moment effectively because not only does it draw the audience in but it is very easy to tell that the character is in some sort of emotional pain or turmoil. This emotional narrative is continues further by the character’s actions of throwing away the actual item that he catches and then it hitting the camera, revealing why the character is crying for not see able reason. I think for a first attempt at a dramatic impetus and emotive context this was very successful and is in line with my intention of this project because of this. The only fall back with this is that I aimed to make the animation throw the typical convention out of the window, but I didn’t I used a typical convention, unfortunately, so next storyboard Idea I have, will have to do something unique. What made this let down possible was the catching a burnt photo cliche since that is quite often used in dramatic scenes.


I have chosen this character as the one I will use for the animation, mainly because I think he looks very appealing to the eye and his appearance screams dramatic, which is what I am looking for with my final animated project. I might need to make a few changes to his appearance first though, mainly his hair and I might add a shirt. As you can see I have used the character and corrected him to make him at least a bit more suitable for a public audience and the story line I am planning.


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