Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man Animatic

Here is a Animatic of the Surprised Man Storyboard:

As you can see I gathered various sounds effects for a prototype animation that I developed from the final storyboard so that I could see how the actual animations works with them and shows if I have successfully shown Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context. The sounds I gathered do indeed help bring the animation together and show what my intentions were aiming for. For example I chose not to include music within this animation because I think it makes the chosen environment feel even more empty and sad, which in turn makes the target audience feel this emotion and wonder why the character is in a desolate place. I did this so that the attention is set on the character but at the same time the soft wind blowing makes the target audience take into account what is happening around the character, which leads to them noticing the falling but mysterious item. The main downfall for this project was that I had to use a couple of the frames again for when the character is looking at the item, while this did help stretch out the amount of time that the character was actually using to peek at the item once it was caught, the constant use of the same storyboard frame made it look unappealing. Another downfall is that I am missing a few frames throughout the animation, which makes some of the actions performed by the characters less effective and unappealing. The most successful thing about this animatic is that the narrative is still understandable and sound effects help enhance that, which helps bring the Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context to life.

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