Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man Final Version

Here is the final version of the Surprised Man with Sound:

As you can see I have now added the sounds to animation to help highlight the Dramatic Impetus and the Emotive Context and increase their effects on the targets audience. A majority of the sound ideas did come from the previous mentioned animation. For example my animation doesn’t use a music track because from my research from animations such as Alarm, music tracks aren’t always needed to show the Emotive Context or the Dramatic Impetus, a single sound effect is all that you need. I followed this and used a low but slow blowing wind sound effect to show how desolated the landscape actually was that the character was placed in. Surprisingly this worked and makes not only area feel lonely but the target audience sad for said character and wonder why they are there (Although this is never shown why but that wasn’t the main focus of the animation). The actual empty environment helps increase this effect as well and keep focus on the main character like I hoped.

Other sound effects that where used within this project such as the gasps and ohhss are used to not only highlight key moments such as the character examining the mysterious object but to also enhance them so that they have a bigger effects on the target audience with Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context. These effects do indeed draw in the target audience and help make them much more curious about the actual item that he caught.The only downfall with this is that the blinking sound effect at the very end of the animation is off ever so slightly so I will either need to move the sound effect further down the animations timeline or edit out the extra blink. These sound effects help me for fill my intent by helping enhance the dramatic impetus and emotive context moments as well as showing that I have broken the convention.

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