Creative Futures: Narrative Bridges Task 2

The next part of this project this project is to think back to Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language, unfortunately this book had no mentions what so ever on Bridges so I can gather no data on Bridges from A Pattern Language, although their is a small section in Chapter 55 on Raised Walk, which states that this section of the book focuses on solely on the risen areas that separate the pedestrians from the vehicles keeping them safe and this can be done by having a raised walkway. As long as this walk way is a decent height passing transportation cannot reach or harm the pedestrians that are walking along side the road. This is somewhat handy for my bridge research and designing because it gives me a good idea on how to keep the pedestrians safe from vehicles but only in certain designs such as ground based vehicles and bridges unlike designs that unfortunately involve anti-gravity and air to a certain degree meaning planes and rockets or broom and dragons etc.

Another section I look at to help me with my Bridges Narrative is Chapter 54 on Road Crossing, which focuses on both regular road crossing such as Zebra Crossing and Raised Road Crossings which is what I looked into the most on this. I did this because it is a basic form of a Bridge to prevent the people from not only waiting to cross the road but to also reduce the risk of the people from getting hurt or killed by drivers that are patient or the people are to inpatient. This Chapter States that “In this case, you can solve the problem, at least partially, by creating islands – certainly ones in the middle, and perhaps extra islands, between adjacent lanes, which means that to have a successful crossing even if it isn’t raised their must be some sort of island to give the people a means of crossing. This is useful to me because I can use this to help with my narrative for Bridges by maybe adding points to help my characters cross or to keep them safe from near by vehicles.

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