Narrative Development: Part 3

The third task is to come up with some ideas for the Bus Stop Art work and start drawing them up, More then one idea and those idea have to be developed into other various ideas, until the final design is picked and completed.

The first few listed in the list below are basic and common ideas that will not be used later on, they are their mainly to help me warm up for this exercise.

1. Bus Stop

2. Train Station

3. Taxi Stop

4. Air Port

5. Docks

6. Bike Rentals

7. Jet Ski rentals

Anything below this sentence I will be using:

8. Dragon Rentals

9. Hover and Go (Hover Technology Rentals e.g. Hover boots, Hover Boards etc)

10. Inter Dimensional Port

11. Time Gate

12. Grave Station (Technology that turn of Gravity around the user for transportation)

13. Jet pack Rentals

14. Space Port

15. Lightspeed Need (Technology that allows people to use light to travel)

16. Shadow Jumping (Technology or Magic that allows people to use the shadows to jump between locations)

17. Helium Halos (Helium infused Halo rings allowing people to jump huge distance between locations of their Choice)

18. Magnet Madness (Transport that Harnesses Magnets)

19. Boom and Zoom (Speed of Sound Travel Technology)

20. Spagetification for the Nation (Black Hole Transport)

21. Radiation Runners (A facility that turn people into several form of radiation and then sending them to their desired location and turning them back to their original state)

22. Worm Holing (Use of Worm Holes to jump between two different locations)

23. Net Naving (Involves the Digitising of the user into Digital Data and been sent to another location, which the user is then Materialized in that location)

24. Feline Frenzy (A company that rents out certain species of Intergalactic Felines that can scale certain terrain)