Creative Futures: Narrative Bridges Task 1

The next task set for me to do by my tutor is to design a bridge the main points of focus in this pitch is that it must be a bridge that is a physical structure that allows the passage of people and/or their vehicles across a gulf between two or more points other wise un-navigable. So name of this task is to create a bridge that has two or more points to connect and allows or did allow people and/or their vehicles to cross. The bridge can be of any design, meaning that it can be from any thing you can imagine e.g. Future/Sci-Fi based bridge or a Magical Bridge as long as it shows some means of been connected to another point or points and that their are people and their means of transportation see able on the image as well.

Looking back at Michael Beirut’s Why Designers Can’t Think I have to avoid over complicating or over simplifying my design but it has to be my own original design meaning it can’t have any strong resemblance to someone else’s original work. This also means that it is okay to look at original works for inspiration but like stated previously it has to have it’sown originality. The essay also stated that the best way to design your own idea is to think about what you what out of the product that your are attempting to create and why your are creating it as well as what it’s significance is to the actual project if it is involved in something bigger then it’s self.

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