TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Complete Character Description

Ploceidae The Weaver Character Description:

Forename: Ploceidae

Surname: Weaver

Birth Place: Atmo City (Home of the Grand Sky Fu Council)

Nicknames: Plo (Friends and Family Only), Freedom Fighter, Master of the Sky, Master (Students, Sister, Swoop The Nightingale and The Grand Sky Fu Council Only), Bird Brain, Dodo, Dodo Brain, Warrior of The Sky, The Winged Warrior, The Winged Freedom, The Freedom’s Breeze, Air Master, Spirit of the Wind, Knight of the Sky (Arthurian Realm Only), Twerp, Pain in the Talons and The Beak Breaker.

Age: 19

Parents: Para and Site Weaver (Currently Missing/Presumed Robotized)

Siblings: Perch The Weaver (Younger Sister, Freedom Fighter/Warrior of The Sky In Training and Scout of Team Breeze).

Other Relatives: Uncle/Master Beakerly (Member of The Grand Sky Fu Council, Resides in Atmo City) and Aunt Talon (Resides in New Mobotropolos).

Height: 115 cm (3’9″)

Weight: 30 kg (66 lb)

Feathers: Orange with a Green hue at the tips of them.

Eyes: Sky Blue

Appearance: A average sized Weaver bird that wears a storm grey Aviators hat, with green glass tinted goggles on top and a blue short sleeved jacket with blue and white shoes that have green circles and birds eyes one them with birds feathers surrounding the opening. Orange and Green tipped feathers, the orange parts cover a majority of his body while the green tipped feathers cover his tail wing and the side of his arms, which are wrapped in Sports tape/bandages and has a  long grey beak.

Friends: Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonia the Hedgehog, Manic The Hedgehog, Mile “Tails” Prower, Knuckles The Echidna, Blaze The Cat (Parallel Universe), Wimbo The Whale (Parallel Universe), Princess Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot/D’Coolette, Antoine D’Coolette, Rotor The Walrus, NICOLE The Holo Lynx, The other Knothole and Sonic Underground Freedom Fighters, Pounder the Bull (Muscle of Team Breeze), Geeky the Gecko (Medic and Researcher of Team Breeze) and Swoop The Nightingale (Main Love Interest, Fellow Master/Warrior of the Sky and SIC of Team Breeze).

Enemies: Swarm The Falcon (Arch-Nemesis and X-Warrior of the Sky), Dr Ivo Robotnick/Dr Eggman, Snivley, Egg Legion, Storm Fighters (Swarm The Falcon’s Team/Empire), Dr Eggman Nega, Purge The Weaver (Evil Alternate Version), Suppression Squad, Team Typhoon (Evil Alternate Version of Team Breeze).

Afflictions: The Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sonic Underground Freedom Fighters, The Grand Sky Fu Council/Atmo City, New Mobotropolos/Republic of Acorn, Team Breeze (Founder)/Sonic Heroes, Knights of the Round Table (Arthurian Realm Only) and The New Freedom Fighters.

Allies: Team Dark, The Chaotixs, G.U.N.,  Babylon Rouges (Out of Respect for Ploceidae and The Grand Sky Fu Council), Blaze’s Kingdom (Parallel Universe) and The Master Council of Sea Surfers (Parallel Universe/Masters of Sea Fu).

Skills: Skilled Pilot, Natural Flyer, Skilled Engineer/Architect, Master of Sky Fu, Skilled Driver, World Class Extreme Gear Rider, Leader, Chaos Sensitive, Master Swordsman, Parkour, Skilled Runner and Teacher, can also turn his feathers semi hard allowing him to combat robotic enemies with ease as well as other bladed weapons.

Personality: Ploceidae The Weaver is kind and caring and nature making him an instant like able character, he is extremely loyal to the Freedom Fighter Cause as well as his Friends/Family and the code of Sky Fu. Often Nervous and shy around people and is often pessimistic when it comes to himself but when it comes to others or their cause he will managed to find a Optimistic point within them. He also has a strong bond with both his family and his friends especially the Royal Triplets, Princess Sally, Team Breeze and his Parents (Who disappeared when he was Eight, which brought him into contact with both the Knothole/Sonic Underground Freedom Fighters and Grand Sky Fu Council). He can also be quite firm and willing when he is leading and when he is relaxing due to the fact that he has trained in Sky Fu from the age of three. He is also Fiercely protective of his Sister and team mates, making the perfect type of person to lead Team Breeze. Plo also has a strong hatred for Swarm (Because he betrayed the Grand Sky Fu Council) and his Evil Alternate Dimension Self, Purge The Weaver (Because he is the opposite of Everything Plo stands for). He also a somewhat sense of humor, which he only finds funny to his shame, except for a few joke that actually are funny to others.

Likes: Training, Flying, Been with his Friends and Family, Freedom, Honorable Deeds, Extreme Gear (Mainly his own e.g. EG Model FB 1), Building Things/Inventing, Swoop The Nightingale (Love Interest), Sky Fu, Trashing both Eggman’s and Swarm’s plans, His Team (Team Breeze – Pounder The Bull, Geeky The Gecko, Swoop The Nightingale and Perch The Weaver), The Royal Triplets (Sonic, Manic and Sonia – Close Friends), Princess Sally Acorn (Close Friend), NICOLE The Holo Lynx (Close Friend/Technological Adviser), Atmo City, The Grand Sky Fu Council, Perch (Younger Sister), The Ancient History and Legends of Mobius and His Plane/Carrier The Hurricane.

Dislike: Purge The Weaver (Evil Parallel Self), Swarm The Falcon (Arch-Nemesis), Eggman, Egg Legion, The Suppression Squad, The Storm Fighters (Swarm’s Team/Empire), Team Typhoon (Evil Parallel Team Breeze), Dishonorable Deeds, Restraining of Freedom, Betrayal, Disrespecting of The Grand Sky Fu Council, Disrespecting of The Knothole/Sonic Underground Freedom Fighters, Disrespecting of his Team, The Disrespecting of The Acorn Republic, The lose of Life, Losing His Friends and Family, Not been able to find His and His Sister Parents, The Destruction/Damaging of The Hurricane and His other Creations (EG Model FB 1) and Bullying.

History: Born to Para and Site Weaver in Atmo City and later trained in the ways of Sky Fu from the age of three by them. Ploceidae later met his Sister, Perch at the age of six, as well as got along well with the rest of his family including his Uncle Beakerly and Aunt Talon, as well as already been a well known student of Sky Fu. He had already met both The Royal Triplets and Princess Sally Acorn at the age of five due to his parent all ways going to the United Kingdom Meetings as representatives, but later fled with the Royal Triplets, Princess Sally and His Sister when Dr Ivo Robotnick/Dr Eggman took over Mobius to Knothole with his Uncles and Sally Nurse’s guidance. For years Ploceidae trained hard in the Ark of Sky Fu and his piloting skills as well as assisting the newly founded Knothole/Sonic Underground Freedom Fighters hoping to make his parents proud. Over the years Ploceidae made many friends (The other Freedom fighters, Geeky, Pounder and Nightingale) and Enemies (Swarm). Some of his most famous achievements been the founding of Team Breeze (The Freedom Fighters Airial Strike Force/Atmo City Negotiators), The building of both Team Breeze’s Extreme Gear and The Hurricane (Teams Breeze’s main transport), The taking on of the Sky Egg Legion and The Storm Strikes with just Team Breeze and keep up with Swarm The Falcon single handily in a Sky Fu Fight.

TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Colour Scheme

The Image below shows all the different colour schemes I considered for Ploceidae the Weaver. The where several different colour schemes for Ploceidae that I could have used and I did reference half of them with the actual colours of that of the Weaver Bird. The first colour scheme was based on a green weaver bird and a standard mobian shoe colour scheme, this came out looking nice but the shade of green looked very similar to  the colour that a wide range of bird mobian use. The second design was focused on the more tropical versions of the Weaver bird, which is applied for the rest of the colour schemes, I like how his feather came out in orange it sort of suited Ploceidae personality and again I used the standard mobian shoe colour scheme with a slight twist. I went through several colour schemes hoping to see which one would match the final design and eventually I have found one.

Ploceidae The Weaver Colour Scheme

TTAP Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Chosen Design

Here is the Chosen Design of Ploceidae The Weaver.


This design was chosen for Ploceidae The Weaver because it suits him and his personality perfectly for example the head design is based on the world war 2 pilots hat and it not only captures the concept that he is a skilled pilot but that he is a bird and he loves to fly or travel at high speeds. This is appealing due to the fact that it shows of part of the characters nature and their name perfectly. The Hands where chosen because it shows his talents in Sky Fu and that he has a sense of warriors honor and skills, which makes him more appealing because the bandages basically define him as a hero/warrior. The leg design was chosen because was because yet again they define some of his characteristic mainly his species this is due to the feathers near the opening of his shoes and the bird eyes on the front of the shoes. This is appeal because it gives an idea about the character as well as his talents which is flying and piloting, which basically is part of his nature the shoe also show the target audience the style the character prefers, which for Ploceidae is Casual but serious which is technically his nature. The body was chosen because when I was designing him, the jacket short of clicked into place with the rest of the body and seems to define him quite well as well as short of giving a feel of an actual pilot and maybe a martial arts expert.

TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Body Development

This next section is a few developed ideas for the Ploceidae’s Body. There are no references images with this develop idea section. The first Idea is is on the top row on the right, this idea is basically focusing on the architecture/building/Inventor side of Ploceidae, this is shown by the wrench that is located within the top pocket of IMG_20150218_0003Ploceidae’s jacket, this is appealing because it gives a strong sense of the Character’s personality and Characteristics. The next idea is located on the top row in the middle, this idea focused on the original but the sleeves were longer then the original. This idea was not very appealing, yes it may look some what attractive to the eye but the sleves are too long and make the character look ridiculous. The next idea is on the top row on the left, The idea is a combination of the original idea and a WW2 pilots jacket. This is some what appealing due to the fact that it focuses on one of the major characteristics of the character, which is his species and his piloting. The next idea is located on the second row on the right. This idea focuses more on the pilot jacket then the original idea except the collar has been removed, this idea is some what appealing but unfortunately the jacket came out looking more like a dinner jacket, which i wasn’t going for. The next idea again was based on the WW2 Pilots jacket and again came out looking like a dinner jacket, yet I altered the design slightly. The final idea is based on the original only the sleeves are slightly more longer.

TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Head Development Ideas

Here are the Developed ideas of Ploceidae the Weaver’s Head Design, the first head on the top right of the image is a reference to the original idea, so that I can refer and develop the idea further. The colour underneath where to give me ideas for the Character’s colour scheme, which can be seen later on in another blog in the future with images of the final design. IMG_20150218_0002The first idea is next to the reference image in the top left of the image, the only difference between this and the original is that the beak is longer and straighter then the original, this was done to make Ploceidae look more like his name sake a Weaver bird, This was effective and appealing because he seemed less threatening and more friendly, as well as more Weaver Bird like. The next idea is below the reference yet again has more changes like it’s predecessor, the beak is longer but has more of a curve to it and the pilots hat has no speakers at the base of them. This offered some appeal because his head doesn’t seem as bulky with the headset/ear mufflers. The next Idea is on the second row of the image on the far left and their is one change to the image, which is the goggle are made to look more futuristic by have a single shade that appears more square shaped. This image is appealing because i have deeper into the actual Mobian feel with this idea then the others and this is shown by the futuristic goggles. The next idea is on the third row the first on the right, the idea again has futuristic goggles but his beak covers more of his face and is more curved and the goggle have the ear muffs again. This is somewhat appealing because he looks more serious and this can draw in the target audience quite effectively if it co-aligns with the characters personality and description. The next idea is located on the third row and is on the left. The idea again has futuristic goggles and has no ear muffs, as well as the beak been straighter again, this is some what appealing but at the same time it isn’t because the beak is miss guiding and makes him look more like a humming bird then a Weaver Bird. The final idea is at the very bottom and isn’t very appealing because I attempted to base his goggles of a pair of skiing goggles, which came out terribly and give of a bad appearance which isn’t appealing at all.