Notes on Creative Futures: Narrative Development

Need to think of ideas for project that are just standard forms of Bus Stops, such as Bus Stops, Taxi Rinks, Train Stations, Docks and Air Ports. The ideas that we can come up with have to be unique and individual such as the Stargates from the Stargate saga or the Tardis from Doctor who but not exactly the same, the drawings and final design have to be out own individual ideas. The project is in three parts, the first been that we have to find out who Michael Beirut is and to read his essay called “Why Designers can’t think”. The second Part is to read Alexander’s Book on Architecture called A Pattern Language, mainly Chapter 92, which focuses on the concept of the term Bus Stops and I would also suggest Chapter 150 A place to Wait which helps understand the concept of waiting places a lot better and how they can be improved. The main focus of this task was to understand and describe the purpose of Bus stops. The Third and final part of the task is to design a Bus Stop of our choice but with several of our ideas developed in colour and outlined either by traditional or computerized means.

Here are some examples of what could help me develop some of my ideas:

Dragons 1, Dragons 2, Dragons 3 and Dragons 4, are excellent example of different variations of dragons as well as how they are designed to be ridden in some sense mainly 1 and 2 due to the fact are from media that involves humans riders that ride the dragons by either training the dragons which is handy for my idea or been linked to the dragons via their souls, which might not work with the idea I am going with. The other two ideas were mainly for the actual dragons appearance, by looking at the different style of dragons, that have been influenced by different cultures.

Hover Technology, the images from this link are excellent example of Hover technology because we have started to study how we can make it work, admittedly most of the hover technology developed so far is either failed prototypes or is the hover craft but that doesn’t technically float it still touches the ground. The idea for hover technology first came from a wide range of sci-fi films such as star wars or Buck Rogers but the concept was never truly seen as believable until Back to the Future 2.

Inter-dimensional Transporter 1Inter-dimensional Transporter 2 and Inter-dimensional 3, are excellent example of means of Inter-dimensional Travel mainly the first one although number 2 does have a good possibility linked in it that spikes my interest.

Time Machine 1, Time Machine 2 and Time Machine 3, all three links are based of famous time travel machine and the concept is interesting one but is tricky to understand due to the fact that it contradicts it’s self quite a bit.

Spaceports 1, Spaceports 2 and Spaceport 3, are excellent examples of space ports to give me some ideas, mainly 1 and 2 because one is from a successful film franchise that is extremely popular and two is ideas that been considered for the first space port.

Black Hole 1, Black Hole 2 and Black Hole 3, basically these images are black holes and the idea is that they use the bglack holes as a means of transportation by been temporally changed via Spagettication  and then back to normal on the other side of the black hole.

Radiation 1, Radiation 2, Radiation 3, Transporter Tube 1, Transporter Tube 2 and Transporter Tube 3 (Look at 48 minuets of the video), basically the images gave the idea for my radiation transport device mainly the radiation waves and the glass tubes and pipes used from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Star Trek.