Drawing Development: Perspective Drawings Railway with Run Down Building

Here is work on the railway and abandoned building task:

Railway and Abandonded House Two Point Angle 2

This is first angle for the abandoned building and Railway and the actual sketch has come out nicely the perspective is c;ear and none of the building or rail seems to actually be out of perspective. The narrative of the image is clear to understand due to the state of the design of the building and the actual positioning of both the doors and windows has been taken into consideration.

Railway and Abandonded House Two Point Angle 1

Another angle of the same building and straight away a few things are of with this image first the perspective for the size of the building is off ever so slightly making the building appear a lot thinner then it actually is and second of all I forgot the lampposts, as well as another door but still the perspective of the rail appears ok, except for the boards on the rail aren’t shrinking near the Perspective point.

Two Point Perspective Rail Way Angle 2

This time the rails on this angle appear to be shrinking and the building is back to the correct thickness but yet again I forgot the lampposts but they wouldn’t be as easy to see this time.

Drawing Development: Life Drawing Attempt 1

Here is another attempt at life drawing:

Life Drawing 6

An Attempt at drawing one of my Classmates during a session about perspective and anatomy. I think this is one of the best life drawings that I have done so far due to the fact that I have captured him perfectly in 3D. All of his feature are unique and appear like the original, though it may still seem a bit cartoonish, my concept of life drawing is appearing to be getting better.

Drawing Development: Perspective Drawings Attempt 1

Here are some of my early attempts at Perspective Drawings, we were told by our tutor Gareth to work on our perspective drawings for future work:

One Point Perspective Railway

My first attempt at One Point Perspective since my A level and GCSE Graphic Design Classes. This first attempt has come out looking quite good. The rails and the rest of the track as well as the Phone lines have come out in very good perspective and do not appear to be looking of that badly only slightly notice able with the phone wire poles.

One Point Street Another attempt at perspective but this time focusing on a street. This worked and didn’t work, it work in a sense with the lower half of the buildings and the main part of the street but for some reason when I got to the upper part of the buildings the perspective seemed to go weird, I think that for higher buildings two point might be a better choice.

Two Point Perspective box attempt 2

Two Point Boxes Attempt 1

Two Point Perspective Attempt 3

These perspective drawings where all attempts at Two Point Perspective so I used quadrilateral based shapes to help me and they all came out decent looking and in perspective.

Drawing Development: Anatomy Development 1

Here are some of the exercises I did for the anatomy of the human head from the Book my tutor suggested called Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth:

Atanomey Head Practice 1

Theses images are my own attempts at Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic Anatomy Exercises for the head of a human, the first attempt of the back head came out look decent I tried the front of the head I then started to have problems with that but I am attempting to the front again. I think the reason why the front of the head went wrong compered to the back of the head is that due to the fact that back of the head has less features to account for it was some what easier to put in the correct perspective but cause the front has a lot more features it was harder to put in the proper perspective. So I have to work on that next time and keep an eye out for it in the future.

Drawing Development: Self Portraits 2

Here are some more of my attempts at self portraits:

Self Portrait Attempt 1Self Portrait Attempt 2  Self Portrait 4

These images are some of my attempts at 3D Self Portraits and as you can see there is a huge increase in realism since I focused more on the 3D section of the drawings and that I took some tips from My Tutor Gareth with some help from a book he mentioned helped him greatly when he was studying his animation course. The images gradually develop more and more as the they go a long the first one still looks quite cartoon as does the second one but the final one looks more realistic. I admit I still have to make tweak her and there theses skills such as try get the ear lower and maybe not as big as well as try to get the hair looking more realistic.

Drawing Development: Self Portraits 1

Here are some of my first attempts of Self Portraits:

Portrait 3Self Portrait 1

Portrait 5

Portrait 6

Portrait 7

Self Portrait 2

Theses drawings are all right for a first attempt but they do not look that realistic due to the fact that most of them are only appearing in a 2D form while proper self portraits are often 3D in some way to bring out a more realistic feel to the images. My self portraits due to the 2D aspect come out looking more cartoonish then anything else which is good if I want to make an animated series I suppose. Some of the images look slight different due to the fact that when I was drawing them I was wearing my headset.

Narrative Food Vendor: Final Design Colour

Here is finished version of the Food Vendor Awesome Alps Food:


The colours that were chosen for this project work well with the theme/Narrative of the Food Vendor and help bring the project to life. The angles for the perspective came out look very well done on most of the final image only a few are slightly off but not noticeable unless you are looking for them. My trees need working on but the image still looks very good when it looked at. I am quite happy with my Awesome Alps Food Food Vendor.

Narrative Food Vendor: Final Design No Colour

Here is the final design with no colour:

Food Vendor Final Idea AAF

The final design is a combination of the design ideas of both developed ideas of the Awesome Alps Food. The Snow Shovel is on the front of the Vendor to move snow out of the way and snow/ice grip is there to support stability when stationary. The Caterpillar tracks are at the back, while the skies are at the front. The Narrative is still see-able and understandable due to the name if the company been on the truck as well as hot food been on the tables and service area of the truck as well as ski and snow boards been left in the snow. The design is appealing to the eye and not over powering.

Narrative Food Vendors Development Ideas

Here are the developed ideas for the Food Vendor Narrative:

Food Vendor Design Development Medival Food 1This idea is based on the medieval Food Vendor and unfortunately when I drew this I knew straight away that it no longer looked like it belonged to the medieval era. This design lost it’s narrative within the development so next time when developing the design keep in mind the original narrative that I have chosen or been given for the project.

Food Vendor Design Development Medevil 2

For The next Developed Idea I went back to the original design concept and when drawing the development made sure it stuck with the narrative. This design looks somewhat like the original design but has been tweaked to be more based on the stall found in the fable games. Looks better then the previous design and sticks to the narrative and offers some appeal to the eye but still needs development.

Food Vendor Design Developmet Medevil 3 This Developed idea is based on the European medieval Market or merchant stalls that could be found within a busy town. This made the design feel more medieval and stuck to the narrative more then before and made it look a lot more appealing to the eye. This design came out a lot better then it’s predecessors.

Food Vendor Development Ideas Medevil 4

This developed idea for the medieval food vendor is probably one of the best so far due to the fact that the original design is no longer seeable but the narrative is still their and that theme of the stall is clearly seeable as well. The design is also appealing to the eye.

Food Vendor Development Design Oil Away We Go 1This next design idea is based on the Oil Away We Go design idea but instead of the stall been a single can I have developed it to look like three cans stuck together. The idea is still appealing to the eye but the initial developed idea has come out looking more like a cafe or restaurant which is Gareth Didn’t want happening so this developed idea wont be used in the final design.

Food Vendor Development Ideas Oil Away We Go 2

This is last developed idea for the Oil Away We Go, this time I went back to the original design but made the barrel vendor a movable vehicle and the tables and chairs for this vendor are also made out of Barrels sticking to the theme but yet again the narrative is still not clear.

Food Vendor Development Ideas Hook and Fresh 1

This development Idea is based on the Hook and Fresh design idea and is still based on the idea of a float-able vendor that delivers food to pass by sailors. The narrative is still clear like the original image but the difference in the design is that the actual boat has more of a boat shaped base.

Food Vendor Development Ideas Hook and Fresh 2

This design development idea has had a huge change to it but the original narrative is still seeable. The main change within this development idea is that the actual vendor is no longer able to float to different locations in fact it stands above the water level but has a dock that allows the travels to pull aside and enter the vendor after going up the stairs. Unfortunately the design is again more cafe/restaurant based so I cannot use this design for this narrative project. Although I can’t use the design it is still quite appealing to the eye.

Food Vendor Development Ideas Hook and Fresh 4

This idea goes back to the original design but with floating and the floats shape but there is development within the actual design so it isn’t exactly like the original for example the float doesn’t just float any more it actually is propelled by fangs that are built into the actual float like a swamp boat and they are rotatable allowing the boat to be moved in a desired direction. The design is appealing and does stick to the narrative and theme perfectly.

Food Vendor Development Ideas Sailor Sandwhiches 1

This next idea is the developed idea of Sailor sandwiches but this time it has been altered to look more like a boat that can be levitated if need be to deliverer the sandwiches to the people who want them on traveling planes or boats. The idea sticks to the original narrative and theme which is the aim of the project and doesn’t appear to be a cafe/restaurant this time, the only down fall is that is looks a little small for a food vendor.

Food Vendor Development Idea Sailor Sandwhiches 2   This idea is focusing more on the flying aspect of the narrative of this vendor. The down fall of this design is that appears to close to an idea in one of the films that my tutor used when assign this project so I will not be able to use this design idea.

Food Vendor Design Developmet Awesome Alps Food 2

This design idea is based on the Awesome Alps Food and the development focuses more on the snow side of the environment and how this vendor my deal with those conditions. For example snow/ice grips have been added to the design to allow better grip for the vendor so it doesn’t slide down the slopes when stationary. The skies help with maneuverability and the snow shovel helps move the snow out the way. The design doesn’t lose it’s narrative or it’s appeal when it went through these changes either except maybe for when the skies are.

Food Vendor Development Awesome Alps Food 1

This design was tweek ever so slightly so the skies when at the front and the snow shovel was removed as well, not as appealing without shovel need to add that to next idea. The theme/narrative is still see able.

Narrative Food Vendor Design Ideas

Here are the design ideas for the Food vendors, with theses design ideas I Tried several different narratives meaning that I attempted several different time or dimensions from our own as well as doing some that might be similar to our own.

Food Vendor Design Idea Medevial
The first Idea is based on a Medieval Narrative, which helps explain the appearance of the vendor due to the fact that it is old fashion and make out of wood and tanned animal skin to provide a sign for the stall.  The stall and the narrative are also displayed very effectively due to the fact that the food is displayed on the stall would have been sold during the medieval era to the local populace. The stall is some what appealing to the eye  due to the fact that the design is somewhat simplistic.

Food Vendor Design Idea Oil We Go

The second Idea is based within some docks and the theme of the vendor is quite obvious, it is to do with with oil. The narrative quite clear in a sens it is to do with either workers who work with oil or fish. The idea is quite appealing to the eye, due to the fact that the design is simplistic but also captures the essence of the docks quite well. Although I think this could use some tweeking in the development to make it look more realistic and maybe focus the theme/Narrative better.

Food Vendor Design Idea Awesome Alps Food

The Next Design Idea is one of my favorite ones, I got the idea from seeing a skiing resort advert and fought about doing a vendor that could navigate them selves around the mountains to the skiers for hot meals. The idea is appealing and attractive so this is going to be one of my developed ideas later on.

Food Vendor Design Idea Farm Vendor

The next Idea is based on a farmers shop I saw in Beverley on Saturday a few weeks ago. The whole stall is designed to give a farmers and home grown produce feel to the vendor. This is done quite well due to the fact that the food offered appears to be fresh and what can only be found on a farmers stall. The idea is some what appealing but has been used quite a bit so it might not be the most suitable idea to use.

Food Vendor Design Idea Hook and Fresh

The next idea is based on the The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Merchant Beedle, who travels the great sea selling all sorts of products to sailing ships. The Hook and Fresh is a ship that sells fresh fish to passing by sailors and other means of transport of the water. The idea is some what appealing and I might use this later one but it might need more altercations to the design, due to it been slightly weak in narrative.

Food Vendor Design Idea Sailor Sandwhichs

Sailor Sandwiches is based on Marvels S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicarrirer the idea is that the vendor can travel by both air and water to deliver the food to passing by sailors and pilots. This idea has a strong narrative and appeal which is why I will be carrying on this idea into my development , but needs a bit more tweaking.