Narrative Development: Bridge Design Ideas

This section of my Bridges work is focused on the actual bridges and their designs and some of the ideas integrate different narratives to help make them fit into what I thinking.

Scan 18

The idea I went with was a standard Arch Bridge due to the fact that It is one of the most stereotypical type of bridge used within narratives e.g. Fairy tales and adventures. I found that this idea to be bland due to the fact that it is a basic choice and that due to the this that the stories would ring a similarity to others heard before once i applied more narrative to it, making the story of the image predictable to others. This bridge is somewhat in complete due to the fact that it was more of a practice run for getting used to how to draw certain types of bridges and because of this it is incomplete and it is disproportional due to a mishap with the perspective.

Scan 15

Again I attempt another arch bridge but this time the drawing came out a lot better and looked more realistic, like it could be found within a small village within the countryside that was quite old but had a lot of mystery to it.  The image came out decently due to the fact that I managed to get the perspective of the bridge right when I was drawing it so no part of the bridge looks incorrect. The only downfall with this image is that it is some what incomplete due to the fact that when I drew it I was focusing on the bridge style more then what it is made out of, so next time try to make it look like it is made out of stone or wood.

Scan 16

This design idea is based on the Truss Bridge, a Bridge that uses a wide range of support beams in certain or multiple angle to support it’s self. I based this image on a narrative with a town/city that has been destroyed by crime, this explains the ruined bridge but the still running armored train. This design idea came out quite successful and the narrative is understandable just by looking at it. The perspective is also well proportioned so the image doesn’t look ridiculous and the material used for the bridge are understandable.

Scan 17

This next Design idea is based on a Suspension bridge, this suspension bridge though only uses, the cable near the two points that it is connected to and is more of a public walk way bridge then a heavy traffic bridge. This Bridges proportioning was some what correct it works to a certain extent but when it comes to certain parts of the bridges such as the support cables come out miss proportioned and aren’t draw that well to show that they are the actual supports of the bridge.

Scan 19

This bridge is based on a combination of bridges both from the fictional and real world (Bar Bridge, Halo Energy Bridge and Transformers Cybertron series bridge). The image tells the narrative quite effectively without the assistance of characters or objects within the image, although they are required. The Narrative declares this bridge is either from the future or from another world. The perspective is well done allowing the image to come out looking appealing without anything been miss proportioned. 

Scan 20This design idea is based solely on a Bar Bridge. This image contains no narrative due to the fact that was trying to understand and learn on how to draw a bar bridge effectively and for a first attempt it came out quite well. This style on how I drew this bridge was also a first because I attempted to make the bridge heavily damaged and was literally falling apart and from the looks of the image it has come out quite well and is at a excellent point of perspective, making it look realistic as well. The image is not fully completed in a sense but was good learning experience to allow me to understand the mechanics of this style of bridge.

Scan 22

I attempt The suspension styled bridge again but this time i placed a narrative within it mainly attempting to get a elven type narrative feel to it due to the fact that elves are known to live in forests. The entire suspension bridge is made out of large trees and is support by not only the trunks of the trees but also the the vines that come of the trees which in design are suppose to act like the actual cables of a suspension bridge. The bridge is well proportioned with the point of perspective and doesn’t look too bad and the material help indicate the narrative I was aiming for.

Scan 23 My final design Idea and this time I was as focusing on the material used and how that can help imply the narrative so I tried to make the narrative for the bridge of one based in world involving magic by using the wood/trees to indicate that this no bridge could be formed by normal means unless by magic. surprisingly the bridge present this narrative with the help of the material design quite effectively. The bridge style id that of a Cantilever bridge except it has only two supports on the sides which are the sides them selves. The perspective point of the image is also well presented so the image of the bridge doesn’t appear miss proportioned.

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