Narrative Bridges: Bridge Development

This section of the Bridges project is focused on the development of the bridge designs from the original design ideas. This section will focus more on combine the bridges with effective narrative ideas that make the best of the bridges and their designs.

Scan 24

This development idea is based on my original Truss Bridge idea, that involved a broken Truss Bridge, but this time instead of having a high crime based narrative. I have changed the narrative to that of a zombie apocalypse, this can be identified by the characters placed in the images with their arms stick out in front of them on the broken bridges and the also by the ruined buildings as well as the men on one side of the bridge with the machine gun. The image is drawn in a good point of perspective that allows the narrative and bridge to been seen clearly.

Scan 25This developed idea is based on a arch bridge but more like a aqueduct arch bridge. This point of perspective is clear allow the narrative to be seen clearly as well as non of the bridge or other elements seem miss proportioned except the horse and prisoner cart, that needs to be worked on a bit more. The narrative of the story is clear to a certain extent and what I mean by that is that you can tell it has something to do with prisoners and mythical creatures such as dragons but the rest is unclear. The materials of the area are some what displayed correctly e.g. the cliff faces of the canyon but not the actual bridge.

Scan 26This developed idea is based on the wood elf narrative suspension bridge from my design ideas, for this idea not much as changed except for the fact that I have tries to make the bridge more tree like by adding branches to the support beams and that you can see more of the eleven village now. The perspective was a little of in this idea due to the fact that I tried not to get confused with the newly added branches locations and the vines that acted as the support cables. The materials used for this image have some what been indicated by the roots of the trees in the river and the narrative can be seen somewhat but lacks indication of any elves except the wizard on the bridge.

Scan 27

This bridge is another Truss bridge that is based on another post apocalyptic world except no zombies, just the remaining humans fighting over the last of the resources. The narrative of this developed idea is well presented due to the fact that there is a destroyed train that has lots of supplies spread out across the valley floor and that their are human survivors that are armed raiding the trains supplies. The perspective again is a bit off but isn’t that notice able if you aren’t looking that closely but you can see some of the materials used in this environment quite clearly e.g. the train tracks.

Bridge Development 1 This developed idea is based on the original truss bridge idea, so it is a run down town/city due to a high crime rate. This narrative is quite easy to spot due to the fact of the ruined truss bridge and all the gratify across the area as well as certain characters performing criminal acts. The perspective of this image is well done and looks decent with the image and the materials used for this environment can be seen clearly e.g. the rubble and wooden board for the abandoned and destroyed buildings. Need more indication on some of the buildings for materials though e.g the valley walls.

Bridge Development 2This developed idea is based on the wood elf village again and instead of a suspension bridge, I have changed it to a arch bridge and the buildings are a lot more easier to see. The narrative of the image is a lot clearer now to understand due to the fact that not only are there eleven characters spread across the image but also due to the fact that the eleven style buildings are clearer to see. The perspective is clear and non of the buildings look ridiculously proportioned because of this. The only down fall is the indication of the leaves within the image and the actual trees (I need to work on drawing trees). The materials are well presented as well, with the exception of the leaves.

Bridge Development 3

This bridge is based on the combination bridge design idea. The narrative within this image is very clear, it presents it’s self as a futuristic trade and supply route that uses hover vehicles as a means of transportation, but the actual routes are quite old now. The perspective of the actual image is a little of in the security building but the actual bridge and the roads came out excellently and is seen more then the off building. The down fall with this image is that the material indication is quite low.

Bridge Development 4

This Developed Idea is based on a Aqueduct Arch Bridge, but the setting of the actual narrative is a medieval period. The narrative is easy to indicate due to the various horse and carts as well as the castle walls on the edge of the image. Again there is no material indication except for the top of the castle walls (need to look into giving more indication of materials when drawing). The perspective of the image though is excellent and none of the image appears to be miss proportioned or disrupted.

Bridge Development 5

This developed idea is based on a bar bridge and the narrative is so easy to see. The material indication for the actual image is better then some of it’s predecessors because the actual falling rubble helps indicate what the bridge is made out of. The perspective is excellent because you get a excellent view of the narrative allowing it to be understood better and no signs of miss proportioning of the actual image any where in site.

Bridge Development 6

The final developed idea which is based on a cantilever bridge and a suspension bridge hybrid that allows the passing of heavy vehicles easily and effectively. The perspective of the image is perfect allowing the target audience to see the narrative perfectly and not have distorted image. Again lack of material presentation apart from the actual support cables and the narrative is well presented by the image due to the actual bridge and the modern vehicles located within it.

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