Narrative Development: Bridges Artist Research

Here is a list of the artists and reasons why I think they would be good examples and inspirations for this project.

Aaron Limonick: is a Concept design artist who has worked fro several major companies over the last several years such as Marvel Comics and High Moon Studios to help with several of their projects that they had in developments such as early concepts of both Characters and Environments as well as finished versions for Several Comics and Video Games. Limonick Specializes in Environmental art more then any other form of art but he can still draw and create unique concept art pieces that focus on character design and other factors that are involved within concept art.

Click Here to See More of His Work:

What I find Interesting about his work is that he can create several different environments effectively each with their own or joint narrative and not have any problems with creating the concept art to fit with the narrative either he or someone else has created. Now some of his bridge Designs both sketches of actual bridges and his concept art ones are quite interesting, due to the fact that he will mainly focus on either industrialized or abandoned bridges for his concept art as shown in link above. For example a majority of his bridges that focus on industrialization are either really futuristic or have a dark and evil feeling to them even if there aren’t any characters in them, which in sense doesn’t help tell the narrative of the concept art but at the same time it doesn’t need to due to the fact that just on there own his concept pieces without the need of characters tells the narrative. One of his most interesting pieces is this:

I find this to be quite interesting due to the fact that I think it captures the true nature of one of the possible futures that earth could have in a futuristic animation based on industrialization. In fact I used this very image to inspire one of my Bridge Ideas that is based on Humanity fighting each other over the last of the planets resources that are been transferred via succor speed ways (Special fast traveling trains).

Brian Yam: is another concept Artists who has worked on more then several video game projects often designing the environmental concept art for them, one of the current projects that he has worked on was . He is an interesting concept artist due to the fact that he has worked on several video game projects environments such as Resistance 2 and he has worked for several famous video game companies such as Naughty Dog and Insomniac Industries.

Click Here to See More of His Work:

What he has drawn has caught my interest due to the fact that when it comes to a project that he is new too, he will come up with some very interesting and creative Concept Design Idea that catch my attention as well as others, his bridge design idea are very interesting as well and are quite inspiring in the way he goes about it, in designing the actual environments for the projects he is working on. For example some of bridge concept art isn’t actually based like a actual bridge design in fact a majority of theses concept piece are focused more on been able to allow the users to either keep traveling in the unique way only this project will allow or helps allow the character interact with several objects at will without been obstructed by other items in the environment.

Some of Brain Yams work implies that ha may have been inspired by some of Giovanni Battista Piranesi very last works that where sketches of Italian Prisons that he visited due to the fact that his works often involved sketches of ancient architecture in Italy.

Brian Yam’s R2 Concept Art

Giovanni Battaista Piranesi’s Prison Sketch

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