Ploceidae The Weaver: Face Expressions

Now You are probably wondering why there is another section to Ploceidae The Weaver Ploceidaeand the reason is that I have to also draw Ploceidae in a 3D pose for the Character sheet so these sketches located within this post are my attempts at putting Ploceidae in a 3D form as well as tweaking his final design a bit. E.g. seeing how he looked with hair (Not a good Idea – see note on first image to see why). The Second image Ploceidae2both again focusing on a different position for Ploceida to be in during the 3D Character Sheet and another task my tutor asked me to do which was to show various facial Expression with Ploceidae’s final face design. I chose the new pose think it would show some of Ploceidae’s Personality of to the target audience when he was in his 3D Character sheet, although in retrospect this made him look some what ridiculous. The facial expressions seen on the various faces seen in the second image where early attempts at Facial expressions for Ploceidae The Weaver, a majority of them came out look really well even if they were just prototypes, especially the Goggles one.

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