The Twelve Principles of Animation: Staging

The third principle of animation is Staging, this is involves the positioning of the character within the stage as well as how the lighting and shadowing of the character and stage/scene is used to draw the attention of the target audience. These methods are also used to help present the characters and their emotions in certain ways for example a villain in an animation might be placed in the shadows when he laughs evilly or sinisterly, this is to prevent the audience from seeing the expression on the characters faces and allows their imagination make it appear more lifelike.

A perfect example of this is Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, when ever the sorcerer is introduced, look below:

Another Perfect Example is Danny Phantom, When he transforms into is alternate ego he is often hidden away from the populace to transform which enhances the transformation scene, a perfect example of this is season 2 the episode reign storm about 37:23 into the link below:

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