Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Animation Prototype V3

Here is the one of the prototype animations, I have developed for the Bubble and Squeak Animation, I call it Bubble and Squeak Animation Prototype V3:

While it is only one second long this animation was mainly a test to see if the animation software was working as well as the cells for it had been successfully transferred over to Adobe Animate. Which it had without any disaster occurring when the project was started and edited into a digital video format with software such as Apple quick play. While the video may be very short, it still provides me with plenty of information to improve the next version of the prototype such as I need to lengthen the actual building locations time with the first scene because it isn’t long enough, one of the reasons why the animation is only a second long. This prototype also revealed to me that the shop didn’t look exactly right yet with it been in the wide open so In the next prototype I will add buildings to make the street that the pet shop is based on look more life like. The pet shop it self doesn’t exactly feel like well a pet shop, what is causing this is that apart from the name which is Paws and Prints nothing else at the moment seems to indicate that the shop is a place which sells pets. I have an idea to fix this in the next prototype though I will add a few pets to the shop window mainly fish and other aquatic creatures by modifying the left window of the shop to make it look like it is made out of various fish tank displaying these pets.


Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak – Inspiration

What inspired the actual idea of Bubble and Squeak was one day I was having my lunch and I heard someone ask for Bubble and Squeak nearby, I thought to myself how funny it would be to have a fish and mouse that are named after this very food the mouse been squeak and the fish been bubble, who are friends that get up to all sorts of mischief. This is what inspired the actual characters and their names.

What inspired the animation in development is actually several different animations, see below.

Tom and Jerry:

I chose these clip from the original Tom and Jerry series produced by Warner Bros Entertainment because of the interactions between all the animal characters, they will help me understand not only the common relationship between animated animal characters but also help give me ideas such as Bubble and Squeak flooding up the pet shop they live in by accident and them just messing around with the floating remains of the pet shop for a bit and  then maybe the door been open by the owner before all the water comes slushing out of it. This could offer a vast amounts of comedy to the audience to see what high junks the two animal friends get up to and the various angles that could be used for dramatic impetus makes it maybe the best choice of an short episode idea. Another idea I had was a cat gets to Bubbles and it’s up to Squeak to save the day with an overcomplicated plan involving a bowling ball and all the pet shop’s equipment. The idea could work but it may be too complicated but on the other hand it does offer lots of opportunity for dramatic impetus and the story like the previous idea draws people in to it.

Simon’s Cat:

I chose Simon’s Cat because I like the animation style that Simon Tofield came up with the animation not only because of it’s simplicity but also due to the fact that the simplicity allows the audience to focus on the actual story and the characters which is what makes the short animation so popular both on youtube and for some cat merchandise adverts. While the animated shorts does not contain any dramatic impetus due to the animation often only been a one angle focus, it does have a Dramatic Narrative which effectively draws in the characters and drives the story successfully, which allows the audience to focus on the characters immediately.

Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Storyboard 3

I altered this Storyboard with sticky notes to show the corrections to the animations story:

Bully Storyboard 3 p2Bully Storyboard 3 p1Bully Storyboard 3 p3

As you can see most of my alterations have been done by sticky notes to save time from doing another story board. Most of the altercations are actually just to cover gaps within the animation such as the walk home near the end of the animation e.g. trying to avoid the bullies. The other moments are corrections such as angles of the camera and enlarging certain scene so they are easier to understand.

Acting and Audience: Drawing Exercise 5 – Final Environments

Here are the final version of the environments for the fiction Undercover Grandma project, as you can see I went for the final version of both the grass park and the water front most of the design are based on the grassy plain.

Sketch143133621 Sketch14314168 Sketch14312911 Park Park 2

The first three versions of the background are hand drawn on my electronic table using drawing software as well as wide range of colours. The first one is of the water front in the park, a selection of blue and greens are use to identify the actual water as well as where the water meets with the path of the park. In the second and third hand drawn images I used various colours that helped show the area I wanted to the best of the three electronic drawings is the third one because it shows the where everything is fine and is easy to understand. The last two images are created on google sketch up and give excellent representations of what the two possible backgrounds for the animation would look like,

Narrative: Library Final Design

Here is the final design for the Library Narrative:

Library Final 2

The reason why I chose this idea to take to the final stage was because it was an interesting idea that numerous people liked and when I started to make the final version everything seemed to click together really well. The narrative for the story is that this library used to stored various amounts of information each self stored information that varied from ancient or mystic and because of this the library was raided and heavily damaged as well as almost all of the stored information within the library was stolen leaving the ancient ruins that can be seen today. I used Photoshop and Google Sketchup to create this image. I used Sketchup to create a majority of the 3D solid objects and then used Photoshop to add colour ans shading to the 3D objects within the image.

Compared to this concept art piece produced by Stephanie Dominguez, my own concept art piece on the Narrative Library has been some what successful due to the fact that the imagery does indicate very well what the story is within it’s self and you can tell just by looking at it. The image also gives that like Stephanie Dominguez concept piece that the location been seen is indeed a library and this is what I was aiming for. The only difference between my concept piece and that of Stephanie Dominguez is that mine has no characters in and there are a lot less books or items in it as well as a few damaged bookshelves but this is to do with the narrative that I have chosen for my final concept piece.

Narrative: Library Development Ideas

Here is Developed Idea’s for the Library Narrative:

Library 3

This image is a developed sketch of the Combination library that I did for my first library narrative design idea. The development that I have made for this animation is that of adding different shape book cases and made the holographic projector slightly bigger making ti easier to see the image that it is projecting and I also changed the image projected which is the Solar System. The reason why I mad those corrections is that I though that it might add variation and make it easier to understand what the holographic projector did as well as how it worked.

Library 7

The next image is that of again the previous one but more developed. This is more developed by the expanding the area surrounding the original image. The addition in this image is that there are more bookcases that have variations in design such as curved and cross ones. Another addition to this is that I have placed more holographic projectors around the library. The floors have also been adjusted to show where all the digital data is been stored for the holographic projectors. This was one of the favorite designs according to various people that I have shown.

Library 8This image is focusing more on the futuristic narrative that I created for one of the previous design. I have done this by including the Data pillars from one of my previous Designs and have added futuristic security doors to the book cases to make it seem like the books stored within the book cases are very important and that is why they have security locks on them because they are either the last of their kind or there is only one copy of of them.

Library 6

The final development idea this is again goes back to the concept of an abandoned library except this time the roster of what is kept here is slightly bigger now it contains Magical artifacts as well as books, ancient tablets and scrolls. This is also the reason for it’s raiding and I have tried to show this with the various broken book shelves and the damaged books and artifacts as well as the ones on the floor and the water spread out across it as well. I have also tried to give the library an ancient feel by making a majority of the items within the image old or at least the actual structure’s age.

Narrative: Library Design Ideas

Here are the design ideas for the Library Narrative:

Library 1

The first image is library that is set in the near future were the recent reveal of Holographic Technology has happened and it is located within almost everything but the the use of old fashion books is still happening. I chose to base my Library around this narrative due to the fact that I fought I t would be interesting to see the affect of having traditional books mixing with futuristic technology and surprisingly it seemed to work quite well together and presents the purpose of the library perfectly.

Library 2

The next Image is looking further into a more futuristic setting and how that influences the library’s narrative. As you can see this library has no books instead the information is stored within the digital data that stored within the huge pillars that are within the sketch. This data can only be accessed via computers that are located around the various points across the library. This idea was one of the most liked so far by myself and various others due to the fact that it looked at a modern but also futuristic type of library that could store a lot more information then believable.

Library 4Th next image is that of a abandoned library that has been destroyed during an attack or from lack of care, this can be seen by the various damaged books and books cases as well as the broken staircase and upper floor. I chose this as my next design due to the fact that I it seemed like a interesting way to present a means of storing data, in a sense that it must have had some sort of important information stored there at some point and this is clear due to the point that most of the books are gone.

Library 5The next image is that again of the abandoned library but this time it not only books that are stored their but ancient tablets and scrolls. The Libraries narrative is supposed to give of a sense that it was raided for these various items that are stored within it and that is why the library is in the state that it is . I like this idea out of all my designs so far and it shows the most promise for the final design.