Independent Practice: Human Anatomy

This post is to show all the work I have done experimenting with a white board marker and A3 paper.

Scan 36Scan 37

Scan 38Scan 39

A collection of drawings that I did in my free time as an experiment with a white board marker. The aim of these drawings was not only to experiment but also to show that my understanding and ability to draw human anatomy had improved. Some of my best examples are the drawings of the man on a side angle , since I have started to add more finer details to the sketches making them look more life like. The only downfall with all these sketches is that while they do look somewhat human in nature they all have been drawn incorrectly, the mistake that I made on all the sketches is that I have placed the eyes to high up on the head, which is a common mistake. Why this is is that naturally the human eyes are lower down the head near the centre more than the top, this because the top area of the head is often covered in lost of hair hiding the rest of human head the essentially blank. Even though I made mistakes with these sketches I still feel like I have made some progress with my human anatomy studies and sketching of them.

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