Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak Close up experiments 1

This post is to show one of my early prototypes from Bubble and Squeak:

This prototype was originally going to be used for the original ending of the credits and as Squeak’s examining the tap before having his master plan but it didn’t quite work out unfortunately. The faults with this prototype is that the credits are rather bland with the motion and are hard to read due to their sizes and and the thickness of the pen that was used to draw them up. When I came up with the new opening title card, it gave birth to the new A4 sized Credits Cards which I now use as my end credits feature at the end of the animation and it works a lot better than the previous version recorded here. The close up with just Squeak at the beginning for the credits shot was a failure their was no motion or emotion within the characters during that shot and it is one of more disappointing features within my recording so far. What I could do to improve this scene is maybe make a new head piece with different expressions that I can sway occasionally with to show the characters now has a wide range of different emotions, alternatively i could use the original head piece to make eyes that are proportioned correctly to the ones of puppet but they have different appearances to show the character displaying various emotions and make him more relatable to the target audience. The next clip within this animation shows that I have taken the corrections that I decide to make, in to consideration and  have gone with the second option and made a large set of different eyes. While this did work when I animated this and it does make Squeak look a lot more animal like, there is still something missing, I am going to have to look deeper into this maybe move his tail around a lot more often to see if that adds to the animation.

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