Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak Leaky Tap

Bubble and Squeak have solved the Leaking tap Problem Clip:

Now that the two characters have reached the tap how are they going to turn it off. This animation explores how the two characters interact with the tap prop as well as how they solve this problem that has been annoying them. The two characters have a long period to think about how they are going to solve this problem, this was not only done to create a moment of suspense for when the character final solve their problem but to also draw in the target audience and to let them come up with their own ideas and solutions. The best part about this animation is the Squeak thinking about the problem but also the tap animation when he turns it. The scene works incredibly well and highlights their achievement. The only down fall is the end of the animation where the two characters go to high five each other and the essentially smack each other in the face, so I need to fix that. I suggest adding a close up shot for both Bubble and Squeak think as well as their high five.

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