Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak Title Card

This Post is to show one of the ideas I have had for the title card for Bubble and Squeak recently:

Bubble and Squeak Title

I had the idea when I was working on one of the latest scenes, thinking what I could do for the Title sequence that would not only make the animation seem fresh but also give it it’s own unique feel and atmosphere to it. The conclusion was that why not I try to make the actual title of the animation feel unique as well so I made the actual animation more animal like by modifying and giving the title an animal like appearance, so the B’s in the title are actually snail shells and the S’s are actual mice like in appearance to link it to the animation and also give a clue about the animation as well. Update: I have now included this style into credits as well and have decided to use this style officially with the white background. The main reason for this is that the background blend effectively with the colour scheme I have used for the animation, most of this colour scheme is neutral colours of greys and pale yellows as it matches with the natural colouration of snails and mice. The only exception to this is the blues and reds used for both colour water and the mouths of the characters. The font was chosen to be used for the main animation due to it fitting with the theme quite well as a selective few of the characters within the words effectively become my animations characters or at least some form of them if I effectively tweak the design enough as shown with the e’s and o’s. It also helps keeps the animation eye catching as it follows to continue the theme of the animation and also help the target audience identify which name belongs to which characters.

Credits card 1

As You can see I have transfered the same style of font that I used for the Title card over to the credits the only down side with this is that the style is that it is completely hand written using a simple mouse/graphics tablet and the brush tool in to draw up the letters, which takes a while to do and is very tiring even if it does on word and can be copied and pasted. I decided to do this when I saw that the font that I had done as a experiment for the Title card worked really well. The results with the credits is also quite exceptional, it gives the same feel and effect as the Title card used in the opening. The first ending credits card work out quite well as a majority of my letters used in this card were copied from the original title card to keep the design the same. The only except to that rule were letters that were not involved in the actual Title Card such as O which was a new development that I did specifically for the credits. Other letters that I did for this due to the same reason can easily be seen by looking or comparing with the original title card. The card design is easy to read and again like the title card keeps with the design style of the animation and reminds of the characters as well.

Credits card 2

Like the previous title card most of the letters and in this case words are used to not only keep with continuity but also to make sure that the style is eye catching and not an eye sore as well as been is to understand. Another new letter was introduced during this process of creating this next Credits card which was the R letter in caps, as the rest of letters needed have already been created previously. Of course these letters had to be resized as well to fit better on the document but that wasn’t really a big problem. Like I stated above some of the content has been reused from the previous credits card, the reused content been my name as it makes sense to just replicate the previous design document and then remove any content which isn’t necessary and replace the remove content with new content. This not only helps create a slight link between the two credits slides but also creates a sense of continuity between them and hopefully the next slides as well.

Credits Card 4

Credits Card 5Credits Card 6

This next slides of the credits again uses content from the previous slides, the most common in the slide that has been reused is that of  the actual characters names from the title card and the by from the previous credits slides. From here I decided that to highlight the royalty free music and sound effects by doing the names of providers in different style than the other font. Unfortunately this didn’t work and became and eye sore regrettably so I have fixed this problem by producing another credits card which can be seen below.

Credits card 3

Which uses the my original font style but doesn’t mention the artists who made the sounds it just states that the sounds and music were royalty free.

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