Professional Practice: Logo Ideas 2

This post is another version the original concept I came up with for the logo which I have developed in an attempt to fix the design.

Amtanimator Logo Final 2

This version of the design has had a serious overhaul compared to the original concept of the logo that I put together. As you can see I have removed the one continuos line design style and now the logo consists of several lines that not only reveals the original pencil concept in the design but also an somewhat easy to see T. The only down falls with this design is again the T is hard to make out and also the colour scheme in the oval again. What I mean by this is that there is an imbalance within oval with the colours between the lines. So I started to do another version of this design in attempt to try and fix this fault in the design.

Amtanimator Logo Final 3

The next design only has one difference from the previous design and that is that I have tried to fix the colour imbalance in the logo but like before it does feel right, so I think I am going to have to drop this logo and try drawing a new one, till I find the one that I believe represents me perfectly or one that is appealing to my potential target audience.

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