Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW!

Unfortunately due to several unforeseen events I was not able to get my Women of the World Animation for WOW at Hull. These events led to my project been delayed and me having to correct and fix several glitches that had occurred in the prototype animation. These glitches varied from my book animation for no reason constantly changing to white for no reason and no matter how many times I changed to colour of the book back to the desired and chosen colour scheme the book would revert back to the white colour. Eventually I managed to get the book to stay the original chosen colour scheme. Other problem that were involved with this project were also minor such as the Bumblebee suddenly become detached from it’s wings and moving a few frames ahead instead of the two frames sticking together. So I had to go back to main frames that were centred around this glitch in Flash and manually correct it, which while doesn’t seem to take long the process can be quite tiring and does take a long time because of Flashes settings. Due to the some of the mentioned occurrences that have happened my project has been pushed back leading to me missing the Women of the World event. I can make up for this by not only finding a new client some where in Hull since it is the City of Culture this year but I can also make more tweaks to the project to make it look more professional and correct anymore mistakes that have happened before I show it to said client.

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