Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 5

This post is to show my first attempt at animating the Women of the World Project/Women of Hull Project:

As you you can see this is only the start of the animation as I was focusing on getting the feel for the project at the time and as well as trying to get the propeller to work properly since the motion behind an actual propeller cause it to form a circular shape to the human eye. So I had to find a way to show that the propeller was still moving when it was giving this illusion and after a while I did find a solution to this problem by adding a quick glance of the propeller before it starting to move within the image of the moving propeller to create the illusion that it is like an actual propeller since you can also see the blade occasionally when it moves on an aeroplane.

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