Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak Opening

One of my first attempts at recreating the original storyboard in an animated format:

My first attempt that I did in this video clip had the motions of both Bubble and Squeak working quite well but the only down fall with this part of the animation clip was that the water drop went right of course because I had misjudge the falling angle of the water droplet, so I had to redo the scene hence why their is a take two. The next scene I extended the conversation between Bubble and Squeak to add suspense to the scene and to mislead the target audience to make them believe that this animation is just about a mouse and a snail eating together. The animation that I did to show both Bubble and Squeak’s surprise when the water starts to drip was decent in the sense that Squeak jumps and keeps dropping his pelt of food and Bubble gasps every now and then before both of them start to watch the water. I still need to add something to this maybe Squeaks or Bubbles getting annoyed at the constant dripping.


The process to create this opening was created through a process of drawing the characters onto card in fragments then cutting out the card like seen in the image above. This is done with a pen and coloured thick paper or card and a piece of paper.


Next I gathered the components that I wanted for the desired event/scene that has been chosen to be carried out. For example this scene is one of the early version of an opening that is the same video link in this post, involving Bubble and Squeak eating and conversing. The components that need to be put together on need to be held down without casting a shadow where stuck down with blu-tack.


Next I moved the required pieces that I wanted into the desired place for each frame.


I repeat that process several more times.


During this time the camera battery died so I had to replace the camera.


Next I set the camera to take a picture of the scene that I have set up. I repeat the process for each scene.

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