Independent Practice Bubble and Squeak Character Sheets

This post is show the character sheets that I have put together to display the characters from various angles and the proportioning of the characters as well.

Bubble Character SheetSqueak Character Sheet

These character sheets where produced not only to see the character proportioning as well as all of the entirety of the characters but also as a means of going through several different designs and colour schemes for the characters. What I men is that since the designs are now saved both on my blog and on a computer/hard drive so I can now either print out several copies of this characters and draw over them changing the designs to how I or the target audience see fit or even experiment with several different colour schemes for the characters to see which works best and helps bring them to life, or I could do the same on a computer with out wasting tones of sheets of paper. Bubbles characters sheet worked out very well his body is well proportioned from all angles and your are able to see what makes the characters as well as what he looks like as well. Squeaks was bit of a problem because of the position of his head. Due to this the drawings did look a little of for his character sheet.

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