Independent Practice: Adobe Photoshop Practice 1: Line Work Notes

If I want to be a animator or a concept artist when I leave university, I need to learn how to use the resources that all the potential employing companies use or require the artist to be a at least familiar with. So I will occasionally post posts of me trying to learn some new techniques throughout the rest of the year to show how am doing or what tips that I can save on my own blog to come back to later so that I don’t need to scour for the original sources if I forget about the method used.

The method that I am posting today is how to successfully trace or redraw over a scanned piece of art that you want to develop to look better or make it into a piece of concept art. First You open a new page, the standard photoshop blank document will do, then open up the image that you want from either the load menu, import or just copy it in (Warning copying it may bring out a pixelated copy of the image).

Layer, Left Click, Scroll Down, Hover over new and new drop down bar appears, Move mouse right and left click layer, Move mouse to layers table, locate opacity, then reduce to 25%, to see drawing in layer below.

Go to tool bar, Left Click Pen Tool, Choice a suitable point to start on the transparent sketch and then follow along one of the sketch lines and left click.

This should have created a new line, now while the line won’t be in complete synch with the sketch that you have a few layers below, If the line needs to be curved this next step will ensure that it is a close enough match to the line that you have tried to recreate.

Move back to the Pen Tool and hold down a left click this will cause a drop down bar to appear next to the Pen Tool Icon, drag the mouse to hover over the bar and drag down to bottom icon on the bar and release the Left click.

The Mouse symbol with change to a white arrow, next click on one of the two pints that you used to create that line and hold down before dragging, the line will start to curve try to a line the curve as much as possible with the sketch and release.

Next the point you have just manipulated will now have to back lines and dots connected to it, hold left click over one of them and move the mouse this will lead to the line to curve agin but this time only at one side of the line, the other black dot does the opposite of the line and once again release when happy with your curved line.

When this is done the repeat the process to select this version of the pen tool only to reset it back to the original pen tool before move along on the sketch and click somewhere on that line to create a new point, the go back to previous line end and click to link the two.

Repeat the previous process to curve line to the desired shape and then the previous step to create a new line until the sketch is complete recreated on the photoshop document.

Next go back to the layers menu and look at the tabs above it to fine the paths tab and left click it to open up a image of all the paths made so far. Hover over the path image you ant and right click to allow a new drop down menu to appear and then click stroke line.

Then software will then ask you what sort of stroke would your prefer for the lien that you have drawn up, their is a a menu to selected which option from the pain brush to the pencil or even the spray can. Click your preference and your shape is now successfully traced.


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