Independent Practice Human Anatomy Research and Practise

Over the past two years my drawing abilities have evolved from when I first joined this animation course. While I have improved considerably I am also now where close to producing an accurate drawing of the human anatomy. This can be seen with several of my previous drawings for example many of my drawings are often either misproportioned or doesn’t look anything like the chosen human limb or body part. So I have decided that I should start trying to focus on my human anatomy more in my free time so, I am starting to find tutorials either in books or online from chat rooms or artist web pages to help me improve.

The first web page that offered an interesting look into Human Anatomy called Human Anatomy Fundamentals by Joumana Medlej: Learning to see and Draw Energy:–vector-17027

This page looks into the energy of the characters that you draw on the paper, for example you want to draw a character for a adventure story or game that you are developing. Instead of drawing a character just standing their try to imagine how they would react to a certain situations. This could be them fighting an opponent or spying on someone, once you have pictured the character in a situation like that try to draw them in the pictured situation. Even if your can’t draw that well according to this if you a draw a character in a pictured scenario the character should still have some life to them, making the drawing look a bit more professional and realistic in process. I will try this method as soon as possible as it is an interesting way of looking at drawing characters who create.

I have also discovered that Joumana Medlej has set up a page filled with links of various lessons that they have set up up for Human Anatomy Lessons, This is covers a wide range of lessons on Human Anatomy from Basic Body Proportions to Hand and Feet Lessons.–cms-724

I found another helpful web page on Human Anatomy called Anatomy Lessons: How to Improve Faster in 6 Steps! created by SirWendigo on Deviantart, this web page consists of various example of Human Anatomy drawings and a few 3D CAD Imagery of them as well as the tip and tricks used to create them in sveral small guides composed into six easy steps.





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