Independent Practice: Random Sketches 6: Scribble Art

This sketches are made with pen and came into existence after I asked my friends to scribble randomly into my sketching pad and then from there I used the scribbles to create designs and characters from them:


The first design came out looking like a hover or some sort of futuristic bike. Unfortunately it doesn’t look that appealing to the eye but it does show some artistic promise I may have to come back to this design later on.


The next sketch cam out as some weird mobian wearing at hat, i might be able to use him when I go back to my Ploceidae the Weaver project in the future.


Some weird hippo wrestle with a gem in his head I, no my most unique character. All though this designs are quite random I think that I work quiet well when creating something from a random scribble I might have to try this more often.

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