Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: WOW Animation V1

This Post was too show that I had started my animating of my famous women of Hull project:

While this post wasn’t much originally the purpose of it was not only to reveal that I had started animating my client project but to also show that I was also experimenting with the logo designs that I had come up with in this project such as Amy Johnson’s plane propeller. The storyboard below was a neater one I made that made it easier for my self to understand and thanks to each frame been an individual small card if a scene needed extended I could draw frames for a scene or replace a frame with a new one easily since they weren’t on a single piece of card. While this does take a while to draw and set up it can be very effective in not only saving time that could be used on corrections else where but also animating.

Scan 40

The first scanning of my storyboard was to focus on the Propeller from Amy Johnson plane and the Land of Green Ginger flying away. As you can see I extended the original frame rate of the book scene since it was flying of into the distance it would take the scene a longer time to finish. I have successfully transfered this idea into this first animation prototype that have created for my client project.

Scan 41

This next page focused on Lillian Billoca, Emily Clapham, Jean Bishop and a little bit of Stevie Smith. The first three frame in this image were an attempt to not only show the lost fishing trawler but also the protest that Lillian organised. This can be seen with the trawlers been placed on a form of banner with hands occasionally lifting the banner higher in order to show what it says. while the message does communicate what I want to say about this seen quite well with Lillian Billoca, I should maybe just keep focus on the fishing trawler, since two much happening in the scene may put off the target audience from what they are seeing. Emily Clapham’s is shown in three frames and personally I think while this is an effective way of communicating with the target audience to show that this is indeed Emily Clapham but the way I have drawn the scissors is quite childish. Jean Bishops three frame scene needs extending not only because the scene isn’t quite long enough but also because it is also quite dull I need to do something to correct that immediately.

Scan 42

This image contains the scenes for Stevie Smith, Maureen Lipman, Debra Stephenson and Norma Waterson. The waving animation for Stevie smith is successful because it displays her poem No Waving but Drowning, while this scene may look like it needs a few more frames when it comes to the animating process for this the frames can be adjusted and duplicated to make the scene look longer and much more effective in the target audience recognising the poem from this short animation. The Telephone Scene for Maureen Lipman needs to be extended but does reveal who I am talking about since she is most recognised for her telephone advert Ology and I have gone with older phone design like I researched earlier on.


The feet and mic under the spot light animation does need extended but when it comes to showing what I want to convay to the target audience I have managed to show that this women is a Stand up comedian. From here the target audience then can then recognise that one of Hull’s most famous women that is a Stand up comedian is Debra Stephenson. The next scene is one of my least favourites and wasn’t easily understood by the target audience (They failed to recognise who this famous women from Hull was) but until I can come up with a better idea I will be going to continue with this animation, maybe I used use a clip from Norma Waterson’s track to help the target audience recognise her better via this animation.

Scan 43

These last two frames were an attempt at portraying Tracey Thorn’s song Plain Sailing while the idea does present it’s self in a recognisable form it isn’t the best example of Tracey Thorn’s work, so I might have to go back to drawing board for this one.

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