Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Environment 3D Animation Experiment 1

This post is about an idea I had while doing some Bubble and Squeak Sketches which was why don’t I try creating as an experiment the interior or at least the setting of Paws and Prints for the narrative that I am working on. So loaded up Google Sketchup and started to draw out the setting for this narrative, I will admit that I had quite the bit of trouble with Bubble and Squeaks Tank and the stand it sits on due to me miss judging the height of the stand and the window proportioning the windows. I managed to fix that though, it was easy to manipulate the shapes sizes once they are a solid 3D Mass and I looked more closely at the height reference that is provided to you by the software. Next time I will need to look more into how I am manipulating the sizes of the 3D and 2D objects by look at the comparison more closely. Another problem that occurred while I was working on the set was the tap since this software is quite tricky to use when trying to make curved objects, but I managed to find a way around that problem by basing the tap on a more modern design.


I am overall happy with the outcome of this experiment when I was finished, I have manged to not only create a 3D version of my planned setting or in this case a close enough example but also that it might be a nice way to go for when I finally decide how I am going to the story of Bubble and Squeaks latest adventure to the world. Now that this has been a success I am going to see in another experiment if I can utilise image with another form of software later on, but that will be discussed like I said in another post. I admit that this method does create some interesting prospects for me, it depends on how I chose to utilise this method, for example I could decide to go down the road of use this in a 3D setting and animation although this might make the project a bit trickier and it doesn’t alight with my original aims even if they have been tweaked a few times since they were created, since my ideas have changed or evolved since their creation or certain aspects have.

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