Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW!: Phone Research

Here are photos of old phones, for the symbol for the hull actress Maureen Lipman:

Freaking News.Com owners this picture not me.

old_telephone.jpg own this image not me

Shelterific owns this not me. owns this image owns this image.

I have decided that the best way create an animated scene that my target audience will recognise with my Famous Women of the World Client Project for Maureen Lipman is to use an old fashion version of the telephones hence why I have several different old fashion styled telephones on this post because it allows me to not only find them later for my work but also use them to design a new animation for maureen Lipman. Also because i have a wide range of different telephone designs I can pick parts from the various styles to create my own version or at least a close representation of one.

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