Independent Practice: Random Sketches 3

Another Random Sketch Post:


A Life Drawing of my Tutor Janis. The purpose of this exercise was to not only improve our drawings kills especially with human anatomy but also to provide us with material to put on our blog. While I can see a wide range of improvement with my human anatomy I still have a long way to go, this can be seen with the face structure if my tutor Janis. The sketch of her face structure is too circular and it is very hard to make out her neck in this image. I also need to work on hands since my hand work in this sketch is not the best, I can’t get the proportioning correct or my shape with the hands but it still gives a general idea of her hand been hands. The background of this sketch isn’t the best either my perspective is ever so slightly out of sync. The rest of the work is fairy decent and development from my earlier work can be seen.

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