Independent Practice: Random Sketches 1

This post will focus on drawings that I have attempted inn my free time to help me improve my drawing abilities.


This drawing was done in five minuets, I didn’t manage to get many details done only the shapes of the actual fruits, which made me quite happy since when I usually draw something like this I often make a mistake such as misproportioning but I managed to avoid doing it this time. This not only shows that I have made a improvement in my drawing abilities but I am getting over my compulsion for all my drawings to be neat and tidy and shown in the image above. The only thing I could do to improve was maybe try to get more detail onto the drawings in the five minuet time limit but that might be a bit risky and also ruin the progress that I made in this drawing.


This next drawing was another attempt at the same fruit but from a different angle and a longer time limit, as you can see the results are marginally different from the five minuet sketch. First of all the shapes have been successfully replicated and the details are looking fairy decent. In the given amount of time I not only managed to draw detailed copies of the items that were in front of me but also extra items that I wasn’t supposed to sketch. All in all this was a successful attempt but it does still need slight work with my detail ability and some of the shapes such as the mug need a bit of work.


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