Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble Redesign 2

As I have officially chosen the animal/insect that I am doing for Bubble’s new design, and as you can see I have chosen the snail. There are several reasons for this, the first been that a snail  is able to interact with the environment and props in a unique way, their ability to cling to any surface. Which allows several different story narratives to come into fruition. This and the other Bubble and Squeak pieces were hand drawn using a pen and standard drawing pad.



As you can see I have been practicing with 3D for snail again the first three attempts failed badly but in the process of trying to get this, I have manged to evolve the actual shape of the snail, which I am quite happy about since I am starting to form the correct appearance for Bubbles that not only I can see and understand but also the target audience. The top two designs are my earliest in the image above and while they aren’t very well proportioned they do give me a general idea of what I going to correct in my next designs. for example I need to make the body of the snail less blob like and more to fit the shell.    img_20161129_0041

These next sketches in the image above unfortunately didn’t successfully my advice for the improvement, didn’t work as well the snails now look like they are standing on the back legs (Which they don’t really have). They also have failed to appear successful in 3D again, so I will need to work on that yet again.


As you can see I have changed the angle that Bubbles is presented at and my results with making him appear in a 3D setting has worked very successfully allowing me to alter and change all the mistakes from the previous images of my sketches that I reviewed. For example my snail shell is a lot more realistic and doesn’t look odd or misshapen at all, making the snail look well more snail like.

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