Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Storyboard 5

This another post with a Bubble and Squeak Storyboard:


The opening of this storyboard is slightly different form the previous one for example instead of having the tap leak dripping on either Bubble and squeaks, I had the water drip into the water in their food bowl, so instead of having of having Squeak been asleep and eventually loosing his cool, I thought not only a nice change of pace of the two characters investigating the cause of the water dripping first and it also helps draw in the target audience since it makes the dropping water quite the mystery.


The rest of the storyboard continues like the previous one, with the exception of Squeak loosing his temper a lot later on in the animation/narrative and that I experimented with the Camera angles to see if I could not only keep the story flowing but also show the target audience what it is like from the perspective of the characters and what it is actually like for them living in this sort of place.  The story according to the target audience is humour and easy to follow for them the only down fall with them is the first angles for the tap are unnecessary due to the fact that we don#t need to see the water dripping from it at that angle but apart from that everything else was good.

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